Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The NO New Clothes Project

"No new clothes, no new clothes, no new clothes, no, no,  new..." (Drake voice)


This Christmas I  realized I had a serious issue... SHOPPING.  Let me be honest, I always knew I had a problem. Anyone that knows me knows I have a problem.  My closets are packed, brimming with clothes, some that I know I  am currently unaware even exist. Anyone who visits my place remarks on the sheer amount of STUFF I have. Then this Christmas after a hiatus from visiting malls and shopping online I went a little H.A.M. For every one purchase I made for someone else I made at least one purchase for myself (key words, at least! Read between the lines people...lol). I  realized I was insatiable and I could make up an excuse to purchase anything. To add insult to injury as I was driving back from the mall  my car began to sputter  and I had a moment of clarity. I want a new car, to travel to South Africa (after seeing the movie Mandela it is a MUST) and all sorts of other things that require money but I have not made these things possible because (among other reasons)  I buy all these "trinkets". Earrings, necklaces, sweaters, skirts, boots, boots, boots, (you get my point).  So, this year (well starting January 6th) I am challenging myself to not buy any new clothes for the next six months. I will only wear whats in my closet with one exception Carnival (come on guys... if you have been to carnival you know you can not go there with a bag full of old clothes... call me whatever you want...it's true! )

Now, I know this is not a REVOLUTIONARY idea.  If you Google "no new clothes" hundreds of pages will come up dedicated to this very topic. However this idea is NEW to ME.  I envision it to be a lesson in discipline, a way to save a few pennies, and a chance to reflect on my own personal values.

Day 1's outfit.... as soon as I figure out how to take full length pics of my outfits this will make more sense....promise! 

On a side note...I love this necklace....
So...who is ready to join me on this journey?

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014...a year for reflection, growth, prosperity, and of course CARNIVAL!

Hey peeps!

I know it has been forever and I honestly had to think long and hard about making these key strokes but in the end I decided that was important for me to at least TRY to immerse myself into the world of blogging, AGAIN. What set me back? Fear. Doubt. Distractions.  Despite these feelings I have decided to jump back in the deep end. . And yes, the beginning of a new year is a cliche time to start this whole journey again, but if this isn't a motivating time of year then I do not know when is.....

Let's DO it!!! ; D
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