Monday, July 30, 2012

Sesame Flyer's Mas Camp Visit and Adios...

Well yes! Trinidad Carnvial season is in full swing. The carnival bands Paparazzi, Tribe, and most recently Fantasy have recently launched. Meanwhile Bliss and Yuma are  scheduled to debut their 2012 carnival offerings this week (check out for pics and reviews). Although in a few short hours I will be in Barbados for Crop Over REVELING a small part of me deisres to be in Trinidad attending band launches. In an attempt to quench my costume thirst I headed down to Sesame Flyers Mas Camp to look at some of my favorite costumes for Labor Day 2012 up close and personal.

Guys...this is a nice option for you all. No funny looking collar, so you could wear this all day.

Frontline... also comes with a highwaist panty option.

Mid Line- This section is AS IS no subsitutions...and from what I heard only about 5 costumes left...

The Coldest Blue (designed by Caprice and Akin) ...omg! The headpiece on the Mid Line option (above) alone makes my heart flutter. I am not sure if I am bold enough to play mas in a jeweled  panty though. I am a slightly old school and would like a waistbelt (even though those are getting smaller and smaller) so I could pretend to be covered up!




Hypnotice (designed by Exotica Ladies)...another favorite. I love the unique color combination (gray, teal, and a dash of red) as well as the futuristic feel to this section. From the mesh sarong and bodysuit, to the wire bra there is no option in this section for the shy.

Concoction designed by Sibongile! I had to check this one out in person! What do you get when you add mesh, fishing line, feathers, gloves, and one extra low cut panty? I guess it depends on who you ask...
 I did notice some changes were made to one of the prototypes:

Notice the addition of shoulder pieces and a chain belt for the waist....

In addition there seemed to be an addition to this section for the guys...

Check out the rest of the pics on my Facebook page: ! Oh... and  click the LIKE button (please)!

What do you think of Sesame Flyers so far?

Next stop Barbados! ; )

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Fly Cut

I came to the conclusion a few months ago that Groupon (and it's long lost twin Living Social ) was the devil in  Yes, at one time I could often be found purchasing discount movie tickets, facials, brunches, make up lessons, and even cake pop making classes on a regular basis. The list is endless. The problem I had with Groupon (and similar sites) is that I would spend all this money on all these random experiences and forget to use them. Eventually they would end up expiring and I would miss out. So, I swore off of it all...or so I thought.  Recently I was introduced to The Fly Cut, a website similar to Groupon that sells daily discounts for hair salons that specialize in Black/Ethnic hair in NYC.

One of the available deals on

Although, I am not one to frequent hair salons I would not mind treating myself  to a blowout at Miss Jessie's CurlBar for $50. Add to this the fact that The Fly Cut is owned by three black women (who happen to be sisters) and I am sold. I always admire and try to support minority owned businesses. So far the only salon I have noticed deals for is Miss Jessie's CurlBar but I am hoping that in the near future there will be many more options from a variety of salons (I can really use a good trim).  ; )

If you check out the website let me know what you think....

Friday, July 27, 2012


You all know I am a Solange fan...

I am totally in love with her new look. I wasn't sure how I felt about the length of these braids, but these two pictures sold it for me. I know at this very moment someone is sitting in a salon chair with one of these pictures requesting this style.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Hair Update

Hey folks,

I realized I have been really quiet about my hair lately and thought it was about time I gave an update. For the majority of the  summer I have been rocking a combo of kinky twists and cornrows. Why? It's simple, they resemble my natural hair, I wake up every morning  and style my hair with ease, and unlike braid extensions they are easy to put in and remove!

Pic time! These shots are all random shots from my camera over the last 2 weeks or so. My apologies...I usually take pictures of my hair right after getting it done however this time around I did not have a chance to do so.

I may have shared this pic already. The cornrows this time around are super tiny...which was a blessing and a curse!

A close up of the style.  The kinky twists are mainly in the front of my head and I roll and pin them as I see fit....

Even closer.... This is a make up check pic: I always take a pic of my makeup before I go out to make sure I blended #paranoid earrings are  from my sister's website! These were $5... 
I've shared this pic. View of the front of the hair style...

Although I loved the overall look of this style I found it way more difficult to maintain than my previous style. I am not sure if it was the humidity in St. Lucia or the size of the cornrows but this time around my hair seemed to get frizzy quickly. To maintain this style I tied my hair with a satin scarf nightly and sprayed with Organic Root Stimulator's: Nature's Shine. I not only love the smell of this hair product, but the ingredients are amazing. The first ingredient listed is Coconut Oil, you can not go wrong with that. Although I purchased the Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Blossom Moisture Mist specifically for my Kinky Twists I decided not to use it. My rationale? I was combatting hair frizz and I felt as if the mositure mist would create more frizz since it is a water based product as opposed to the ORS Nature's Shine which  is an oil based product. I was able to keep this style for 3 weeks, but to be honest  if I wasn't out of the country I would have taken this style out after 2...

At the moment I am giving my hair a break from Kinky Twists (well at least until this Friday) and I am rocking my hair like this...

Flat twists, regular twists, a few bobby pins and voila....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Carnivalista's Log - SLU Carnival Monday and Tuesday

A week ago  today I was parading down the streets of St. Lucia in my Just 4 Fun costume without a care in the world. Today, looking at my pictures of St. Lucian carnival I realize they don't do it any justice (thank goodness for video)! Now,  I know...I am a carnival addict so EVERY carnival is a good time for me but I think SLU has something for everyone. There are some things about Lucian Carnival  that are different from other islands: Carnival starts on time (Both Monday and Tuesday I had to run to catch up with the band), leave your US dollars home. (some people take it but most people are skeptical), and fishnet tights are a very popular carnival accessory (I almost bought a pair on Tuesday morning just to fit in). 
 loved the band Just 4 Fun! They really lived up to their name and there were non-stop from start until finish!  I can go on and on about my experience in St. Lucia. So  in order to keep this post concise I will highlight  my top 10 most memorable moments from SLU carnival,  in no particular order.. ; ) 

10. It was the middle of the afternoon carnival Tuesday and I just received some chicken from the snack truck. (This was the only time both Monday and Tuesday that I remembered to eat). I guess I didn't realize how hungry I was because as I was walking (chipping), eating, and watching everyone my life came to hault when my ...both feet, fell in this drain! I was so embarrassed...the piece of chicken I was eating fell as well! I couldn't even get out of the drain on my own because my WHOLE entire foot was in the was touching the bottom! It took two people to pull me out...

Can you see  my chicken in the drain...

9. Ran into St. Lucian soca artist Mongster (and I) on the road.... he had a time. SERIOUSLY!

8.  The Water Truck....I never got in the water truck but everyone that did made it seem like they were having the time of their lives.  I just enjoyed watching them!

7. Lucian ingenuity and creativity!

   Hmmm! Yes..that is a bottle of Tide, and yes they will drink from it!

Everything on his cart was made from recycled materials...

6.  Loved this guy! 

5. Burger King...This was the second one I saw in St. Lucia. I was shocked...I don't think there is Burger King in Trini...

4. The stretch of road parallel to the airport.  This was by FAR one of my favorite parts of playing mas in St. Lucia. I love having space to dance, chip, wave, and behave however I want to and this road allowed me to do just that.

3. I love this pic! It is one of the few pics that I have that illustrates the ENERGY of Lucian carnival! I know I said it before but the whole Monday and Tuesday was non-stop action. Even  the Lucian style of chipping involves your whole body. I LOVED it!

2.  The caption for the pic below:  " This is Nelly! She is visiting our country so you must treat her well!" ; ) Nyree, of The Sweet 7! The ultimate Lucian ambassador. She introduced me to everyone and made sure I had  a great time the whole time I was in St. Lucia. I have to shout out her hubby too, he is definitely a Lucian Ambassador in the making.

Nyree knows Including DJ Barrie Hype from Miami
1.  NYREE! (Girl, you must be tried of me calling in your name). I know I said this was in no particular order BUT I saved the best for last. I wouldn't have went to St. Lucia carnival if she didn't convince me that it was a MUST DO! And folks I have to agree. SLU is a good balance of carnival madness and tranquil beaches. It reminds me a lot of Grenada's Spice Mas but with a different vibe! 

Will I go back next year? Calculating my vacation days as we speak! ; )

SLU...I miss you already.
Look out for more pics on my FB page

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carnivalista's Log: SLU Day 6

It's carnival Sunday afternoon in St. Lucia and I know for a fact that I am currently in the EYE OF THE STORM. Everything around me is calm ...right now... but judging from my last few days in SLU, I know that this calm vibe will not last long! The music alone gives you a hint of the madness that will be the next few days. From "everything going to fall in here, everything going an fall...I can't help it, I giving trouble" ( BORN TO MASH UP by 2012 Soca Monarch Champ Superman HD),  Ricky T asking you, "how you could whine like that?", in his 2012 track EVERYTHING, and of course GALLOP by Soca Psycho. My goodness! In order to prepare myself I have been taking it easy, kind of. ; )

Endless Summer Cruises! Now, first I must say that I am not a go to an island and go on a tour type of person. I  hate to look like or behave like a tourist when I travel and typically try to blend in with my surroundings.  I guess these are feelings I developed from spending summers and holidays with my family in the Caribbean and living in New York City. BUT this tour was recommended by Nyree of The Sweet 7, so I decided to give it a try. Sailing the waters of St. Lucia on a catamaran, enjoying endless drinks, getting a few history lessons from the crew, viewing the Pitons, smelling (yes, smelling) the Sulphur Springs, and enjoying some excellent Lucian food... #worthit

The Catamaran

Ruby and crew! The tours would not have been as great without them!

Me...rocking some kinky twists and cornrows #gotosummerstyle
Fond Doux Estate in Soufriere- I was supposed to be listening to the tour guide but I was obsessed with this donkey!
Finally got to meet the donkey. I also learned that he was demonstrating an old time Sugarcane Mill.
The donkey got a little too friendly with me. I am sad to report we are no longer
My other obsession, the Cocoa seed...random I know.
My first time tasting it. Yup, this is where chocolate originates from.
Behind me... the Pitons!

Me, on the line for I think I have gained some weight since I have been here! Such good food! #carnivaldietnolongerexists

Island Life...

Friday Night...

Finally met Nyree of The Sweet 7 (and her hubby)  and went to Sexy in Black! They are so much fun and are definitely carnivalholics like myself! I can go on and on about these two, but I will save that for later ; ) I will say that I am glad that I came to SLU and I  can't wait to party with them on the road Monday and Tuesday!

Nyree and I ...

I think all black is so sexy...

Nothing to report! *holds head in shame*

I didn't make it out of bed until night fall. My body was on PAUSE and I decided to listen. Thank goodness for the hotel bar and cable TV.

Sunday. That would be today. Typing pool side and mentally preparing myself for Just 4 Fun Blue Devils later (that's the plan) and of course Carnival Monday and Tuesday. More pics to come later and some random video selections. Until then...


P.S- I apologize in advance for the foolishness that will take place in the next few hours....  ; )

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