Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Fly Cut

I came to the conclusion a few months ago that Groupon (and it's long lost twin Living Social ) was the devil in  Yes, at one time I could often be found purchasing discount movie tickets, facials, brunches, make up lessons, and even cake pop making classes on a regular basis. The list is endless. The problem I had with Groupon (and similar sites) is that I would spend all this money on all these random experiences and forget to use them. Eventually they would end up expiring and I would miss out. So, I swore off of it all...or so I thought.  Recently I was introduced to The Fly Cut, a website similar to Groupon that sells daily discounts for hair salons that specialize in Black/Ethnic hair in NYC.

One of the available deals on

Although, I am not one to frequent hair salons I would not mind treating myself  to a blowout at Miss Jessie's CurlBar for $50. Add to this the fact that The Fly Cut is owned by three black women (who happen to be sisters) and I am sold. I always admire and try to support minority owned businesses. So far the only salon I have noticed deals for is Miss Jessie's CurlBar but I am hoping that in the near future there will be many more options from a variety of salons (I can really use a good trim).  ; )

If you check out the website let me know what you think....

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