Monday, July 23, 2012

Carnivalista's Log - SLU Carnival Monday and Tuesday

A week ago  today I was parading down the streets of St. Lucia in my Just 4 Fun costume without a care in the world. Today, looking at my pictures of St. Lucian carnival I realize they don't do it any justice (thank goodness for video)! Now,  I know...I am a carnival addict so EVERY carnival is a good time for me but I think SLU has something for everyone. There are some things about Lucian Carnival  that are different from other islands: Carnival starts on time (Both Monday and Tuesday I had to run to catch up with the band), leave your US dollars home. (some people take it but most people are skeptical), and fishnet tights are a very popular carnival accessory (I almost bought a pair on Tuesday morning just to fit in). 
 loved the band Just 4 Fun! They really lived up to their name and there were non-stop from start until finish!  I can go on and on about my experience in St. Lucia. So  in order to keep this post concise I will highlight  my top 10 most memorable moments from SLU carnival,  in no particular order.. ; ) 

10. It was the middle of the afternoon carnival Tuesday and I just received some chicken from the snack truck. (This was the only time both Monday and Tuesday that I remembered to eat). I guess I didn't realize how hungry I was because as I was walking (chipping), eating, and watching everyone my life came to hault when my ...both feet, fell in this drain! I was so embarrassed...the piece of chicken I was eating fell as well! I couldn't even get out of the drain on my own because my WHOLE entire foot was in the was touching the bottom! It took two people to pull me out...

Can you see  my chicken in the drain...

9. Ran into St. Lucian soca artist Mongster (and I) on the road.... he had a time. SERIOUSLY!

8.  The Water Truck....I never got in the water truck but everyone that did made it seem like they were having the time of their lives.  I just enjoyed watching them!

7. Lucian ingenuity and creativity!

   Hmmm! Yes..that is a bottle of Tide, and yes they will drink from it!

Everything on his cart was made from recycled materials...

6.  Loved this guy! 

5. Burger King...This was the second one I saw in St. Lucia. I was shocked...I don't think there is Burger King in Trini...

4. The stretch of road parallel to the airport.  This was by FAR one of my favorite parts of playing mas in St. Lucia. I love having space to dance, chip, wave, and behave however I want to and this road allowed me to do just that.

3. I love this pic! It is one of the few pics that I have that illustrates the ENERGY of Lucian carnival! I know I said it before but the whole Monday and Tuesday was non-stop action. Even  the Lucian style of chipping involves your whole body. I LOVED it!

2.  The caption for the pic below:  " This is Nelly! She is visiting our country so you must treat her well!" ; ) Nyree, of The Sweet 7! The ultimate Lucian ambassador. She introduced me to everyone and made sure I had  a great time the whole time I was in St. Lucia. I have to shout out her hubby too, he is definitely a Lucian Ambassador in the making.

Nyree knows Including DJ Barrie Hype from Miami
1.  NYREE! (Girl, you must be tried of me calling in your name). I know I said this was in no particular order BUT I saved the best for last. I wouldn't have went to St. Lucia carnival if she didn't convince me that it was a MUST DO! And folks I have to agree. SLU is a good balance of carnival madness and tranquil beaches. It reminds me a lot of Grenada's Spice Mas but with a different vibe! 

Will I go back next year? Calculating my vacation days as we speak! ; )

SLU...I miss you already.
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