Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carnivalista's Log: SLU Day 6

It's carnival Sunday afternoon in St. Lucia and I know for a fact that I am currently in the EYE OF THE STORM. Everything around me is calm ...right now... but judging from my last few days in SLU, I know that this calm vibe will not last long! The music alone gives you a hint of the madness that will be the next few days. From "everything going to fall in here, everything going an fall...I can't help it, I giving trouble" ( BORN TO MASH UP by 2012 Soca Monarch Champ Superman HD),  Ricky T asking you, "how you could whine like that?", in his 2012 track EVERYTHING, and of course GALLOP by Soca Psycho. My goodness! In order to prepare myself I have been taking it easy, kind of. ; )

Endless Summer Cruises! Now, first I must say that I am not a go to an island and go on a tour type of person. I  hate to look like or behave like a tourist when I travel and typically try to blend in with my surroundings.  I guess these are feelings I developed from spending summers and holidays with my family in the Caribbean and living in New York City. BUT this tour was recommended by Nyree of The Sweet 7, so I decided to give it a try. Sailing the waters of St. Lucia on a catamaran, enjoying endless drinks, getting a few history lessons from the crew, viewing the Pitons, smelling (yes, smelling) the Sulphur Springs, and enjoying some excellent Lucian food... #worthit

The Catamaran

Ruby and crew! The tours would not have been as great without them!

Me...rocking some kinky twists and cornrows #gotosummerstyle
Fond Doux Estate in Soufriere- I was supposed to be listening to the tour guide but I was obsessed with this donkey!
Finally got to meet the donkey. I also learned that he was demonstrating an old time Sugarcane Mill.
The donkey got a little too friendly with me. I am sad to report we are no longer
My other obsession, the Cocoa seed...random I know.
My first time tasting it. Yup, this is where chocolate originates from.
Behind me... the Pitons!

Me, on the line for I think I have gained some weight since I have been here! Such good food! #carnivaldietnolongerexists

Island Life...

Friday Night...

Finally met Nyree of The Sweet 7 (and her hubby)  and went to Sexy in Black! They are so much fun and are definitely carnivalholics like myself! I can go on and on about these two, but I will save that for later ; ) I will say that I am glad that I came to SLU and I  can't wait to party with them on the road Monday and Tuesday!

Nyree and I ...

I think all black is so sexy...

Nothing to report! *holds head in shame*

I didn't make it out of bed until night fall. My body was on PAUSE and I decided to listen. Thank goodness for the hotel bar and cable TV.

Sunday. That would be today. Typing pool side and mentally preparing myself for Just 4 Fun Blue Devils later (that's the plan) and of course Carnival Monday and Tuesday. More pics to come later and some random video selections. Until then...


P.S- I apologize in advance for the foolishness that will take place in the next few hours....  ; )

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