Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carnivalista's Log: SLU Day 3

St. Lucia....

View from my hotel ...
 I have been in SLU for less than 72 hours but I am in LOVE! Mind you, I had some hiccups along the way; a delayed flight, a missed connection, and I ended up in Castries (no where near my hotel) by accident last night (long story) but say what, such is life! I haven't met anyone in SLU who hasn't been helpful and friendly; not just hotel staff, but people everywhere. *Edited to add* I just came back from the beach and  reread this post. As I was reading I realized I neglected to mention Nyree of The Sweet 7! Thanks girl! Your suggestions have all been really helpful and saved me from having more than a few hiccups. I also sat and waited to pick up my Just 4 Fun costume with Mongstar, a St.Lucian Soca artist. He had me laughing the whole time, he has such a positive vibe...I wish him luck tonight at the finals! Ok,ok. More on all of this later.... some pic highlights:

I had to pick up the necessities... lol And yes, that is a can of sardines being covered by the logo #latenightsnacks
and of course my Just 4 Fun costume.. TEMPO!!!
Green Fig and Fish Broth.....For Dinner

Saltfish and Fry Bake for Breakfast... I'm eating well! Mommy would be so

Last night at Colour Me Red... I learned a few things. The most important lesson, Lucian's have ENERGY!

Trini's are EVERYWHERE!


That's all for now peeps! Time to soak up some sun and sea water!


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