Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sesame Flyers 2012: Fire and Ice

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Sesame Flyers' presentation of their 2012 carnival theme, Fire and Ice. Now I will say that I have not played mas on Eastern Parkway since I was a teenager  but Sesame definitely has me reconsidering this year. The costumes were not only gorgeous but I felt like there were many options for masqueraders and there was some variety in the traditional bikini and beads (or lately wire bra and beads) trend. The models and make up were on point! The DJ kept the carnival vibes pumping the entire time! The venue was elegant! They even handed out a card where you could vote for your favorite section!  Ok, ok,  enough talking. They say pictures are worth a  thousand words so lets test out that theory! 

Fire and Ice designed by Sesame Flyers:

HYPNOTICE designed by Exoctica Ladies

"Hot!"*loving the mesh and rhinestone sarong, mesh monokini, minimalist backpack (perfect for a long day of playing mas)* This costume would be perfect for the bold and the beautiful. ; )

INFERNO designed by Cheryl Martin:

The frontline headpiece gives me goosebumps* Unique monokini*

ILLUMINOSITY designed by Sesame Flyers

*So many different elements in this section: tulle, net, rhinestone, feathers, color.*

BLAZE designed by Sesame Flyers

You can never go wrong with purple and gold.* Love the minimal headpiece options.*

LIGHTNING STORM (Diamonds are Forever?) designed by Stacy and Conquest Carnival

"Bling!"/The crowd went crazy over the  last version of this costume* Personally I am not a fan of wire bra's however this wire bra is classy, reminds me of a Victoria's Secret Bra.*

COLDEST BLUE designed by Akin and Caprice

"The Frontline Headpiece...#Fierce #thatisall"* Options, Options, Options for everyone (the guys too) *The crowd went crazy when the individual costume came down the runway.

INFERNO designed by Cheryl Martin

The crowd went wild as soon as the Frontline model stepped on the runway!* Beautiful large headpiece* Love the  nude illusion of the fronline bra.

FROST designed by Sesame Flyers

*Love the shaping of this wire bra*

CONCOCTION designed by Sibongile

The young ladies who modeled these costumes are also the designers* This section definitely got the crowds attention* I love the color combination and the uniqueness of each version of this section* Definitely for Brooklyn's Boldest ; )

EGYPTIAN FLAME designed by Akin and Caprice

The detailing on the top and the chains are a nice touch*Love the asymmetrical backpack 

The Sesame Flyers Crew!
Congrats Sesame! Job well done! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document and share!

Sesame Flyers mas camp (3510 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY) opens today for registration and costume viewing. Feel free to check out there website here. and to check out my other pics on my FB page, here.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

  2. My goodness! You took some awesome pics! They should hire you! LOL.
    Thanks for sharing. This is a really great launch. So many options from them. WOW!!!

  3. Thanks Gabrielle! I can't take the credit for the pics...I have a great photographer working with me AND big shout out to Sesame for making sure I had a place to stand to get good pics.


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