Saturday, June 30, 2012

Machel @ the Intrepid ReCap

People can say what they want about the Machel Montano 30th Anniversary concert at the Intrepid- Yes, all things worth having at the bar was finished way before the fete was over (I was walking back from the rest room and was surprised to see that the bar/snack area was being taken down). Yes, the only food they had available was chips (and when I arrived at the bar the only beverage available was Guinness or Soda). Yes, 100 dollars for a general admission ticket is ALOT to pay and not get even a little bandanna to wave around. Yes, Machel only preformed for about an hour. All these things ARE true BUT no one can deny the fact that HISTORY was made last Saturday night at the Intrepid.

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The general admission crowd...
I myself wasn't sure what to expect. At $100-$200 dollars a ticket, I wasn't sure what type of crowd would be in attendance. Should I wear heels or flats? How far away is the general admission section from the stage and how would general and the VIP section be separated (VIP tickets cost $200)? Where was I going to park my car? All of my questions subsided as I was driving down the West Side Highway and heard soca music pumping from the Intrepid. How can I explain the feeling of hearing Soca blasting as I drove down a highway I take into Manhattan all the time (where I am usally the person pumping soca music)? I have no clue. What I do know is that I decided at that moment whatever the price, it was well worth it...

The West Side Highway-Photo Courtesy of

The view from where I was standing. Directly behind the fence that divided VIP and General

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Can you imagine hearing Benji's "I'm a Trini" from right here....

The performers: I am not sure if the crowd was tired of waiting or really, really wanted to see Machel (he came on at about 2am but the venue was open from 10pm). I feel like the other artists had to really work to rev up the crowd.

3 Canal

I enjoyed 3 Canal, Barington Levy, and Mr.Vegas' performances but when Machel and the HD family hit the stage things were on a whole new level. The woman who somehow snuck a folding chair out of the VIP section and was sitting next to me for the majority of the show actually folded the chair and stood up when Machel came on stage.. Dahved Levy explained that many of the artists scheduled to perform had delayed flights due to severe weather and had just arrived in NYC hours before. I'm sure that this must have stressful for all involved but that didn't show as they performed....

Although Machel and the HD fam worked during their hour time (Machel himself sweated through his blazer and button up shirt) it felt as if the crowd was looking for more at the end of the show. The following day, I heard Machel being interviewd by Dahved Levy on the radio. They not only discussed the show, but they talked about where Machel wanted to go as an artist, essentially did he feel as if he had reached "the top". His response was that he wanted to take soca music to an international level and have it become a household genre of music. I'm 100% behind Machel pushing soca music to a whole new level. Half the reason I write on this blog is to display my love of my culture and showcase all of the beauty and creativty the Caribbean has to offer. So...who's going to Machel on Jones Beach July 8th? ; )


Some pics and a tiny clip of Machel and Patrice performing...

...and a bottle of rum!

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Machel and KI--- Single Forever!

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I love Patrice Roberts! Every time I see her I remember that I need to start working out!
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Yes, Machel... show them how to put on a show...


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  1. I missed the Jones Beach concert but I'll be at his Boston concert in August!! I don't know the Caribbean scene in Boston but I hope they can keep up with my NY energy :)


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