Saturday, June 16, 2012

Borokeete USA 2012: Caribbean Uniqueness

Last Friday night I attended Borokete USA's band launch at Tropical Paradise in Brooklyn. I was surprised when I walked in the door because there were only a few people scattered around patiently waiting to see what Borokeete had to offer.  Before I talk about the costumes I am going to make a request to all of my Caribbean people living in NYC. Come out and support band launches! Now I realize bands should do a better job in advertising upcoming launches because there have been a few bands that I had to search all over the Internet to find details about upcoming launches (some to no avail) BUT whenever we do hear about one we should support. The Labor Day Parade, although by no means perfect, is our time to showcase OUR culture. If we do not support the bands, designers and people who work hard to keep our tradition alive WHO WILL?  *jumps off milk crate*
On to the mas....

Waterfall designed by Anthony Pollydore

Coral Reef designed by Leon

Nylon Pool designed by Cali Perry

Toc Toc designed by Anthony Pollydore

Volcanic City designed by Tropical Fete

Mango Chow designed by Vivki & Nicki

Didn't catch the name of this section but it is designed by Tami

Island Sunset designed by PCC Ladies

Starry Nights designed by Anthony Pollydore

Overall Borokeete USA has a costume for everyone. I love the sections that offer a monokini option that actually conceals the mid section to accommodate women who don't want to expose their bellys. The section that received the most reaction from the crowd was Island Sunset by PCC ladies. I mysef loved the way the section stuck to its theme by using orange as the base color and highlighting it with  purple, pink, and blue feathers and stones, much like a perfect sunset.  My favorites...  Nylon Pool, Island Sunset, and Starry Night.

More pics on my FB page.... HERE

Up next RAMAJAY..

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