Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Karen's Body Beautiful and Curl Box Meet and Greet: The ReCap

Last week Thursday  in the midst of a heat wave at about 7pm Naturalista's were creating quite a stir on Myrtle and Waverly in Brooklyn. Personally, I was asked at least 3 or 4 times by complete strangers variations of "what's going on?' and  "what's happening over there?'. I even over heard some people say they were going to post pics of the line on Instagram because no one would believe them! We were making history! ; )  So what caused this commotion? Karen's Body Beautiful and Curl Box's Meet and Greet!

Instagram-ing in action...

Now, I'll be honest when I rolled up and saw the line my first thoughts were to leave. I'm the kind of person who would say, "No. Thank You" to a  20 minute wait  for a table at Red Lobster but Rockie and I gave it a chance. The wait did not seem in vain or unappreciated because Karen Tappin (the owner of Karen's Body Beautiful) and Myleik Teele (the owner of Curl Box) came out several times to talk to the ladies on the line and  inform us that they were working on moving the crowd in and out of the store so that others could come in. There was also a Karen's Body Beautiful Rep who stood outside to answer questions about the products while we waited. A definite plus...
Rockie and I: Courtesy of random stranger with Ipad...

Once I finally made it inside the place was pretty packed. There were naturals buying hair products, enjoying complimentary beverages, making small talk with one another, and there were plenty of opportunities for people to take pics with Karen, Myleik, and vlogger Taren916. I met a woman who participates in Black Girls Run who convinced me that I too can be a runner. I also met Deborah from the new website Mater Mea who wrote an interesting piece highlighting Karen as a mother (check it out here), Rockie met someone who traveled all the way from New Jersey to attend the event, I overheard Myleik sharing with an attendee how she got her amazing hair color (peroxide), and I even had a chance to reconnect with Imani from a Tribe Called Curl.


Karen and Taren

Yes, thanks...  ; )

Imani of Tribe Called Curl and I
The highlight of this event was meeting Karen. She was a gracious host who constantly checked in on everyone in attendance, made sure everyone waiting on the line was attended to, and answered everyone's questions about the products she created. I asked her what product would be best for my hair since I plan on rocking kinky twists (synthetic hair= Dry hair) for the rest of the summer and she suggested her Hair Blossom Moisture Mist. Since hair products were buy two get one free my Hair Blossom Moisture Mist did not leave the store alone...
My goodies: Karen's Body Beautiful: Heavenly Jojoba Hair Oil, Hair Blossom Moisture Mist, Beauty Boss 101, and Luscious Locks Hair Mask

Karen and I

All in all, I had a great time. The connections I made and the camaraderie I felt were definitely worth the wait.

More pics....HERE!


  1. OMG ... I am expecting my first July Curlbox can't wait. YAYYYYYYY. BTW ... can't wait to meet you either in St.Lucia. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  2. OOOO.... exciting. I think I might add my name to the waiting list. Can't wait to see what you get! I'm super excited about St. Lucia... I need a packing list..lol. See you soon!


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