Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chocolate City 2012 Band Launch ReCap

Chocolate City 500 was the first band out the box for Labor Day 2012 with the theme Bacchanal Revellers last Saturday night and this #carnivaladdict was in attendance. I honestly wish that I had a ton of great pictures to share with you guys, but I don't.  I had a ball at Chocolate Ciy's band launch, the DJ was pumping, and everyone in attendance was enjoying themselves.  Unfortunately when the actual launch started the vibes shifted. The space was small and there was a small aisle made for the models to show their costumes. What it lead to was some pushing, a little shoving, and some people just giving up and sitting down. Honestly, I would have sat down myself but I had a goal and that was getting pictures of everything Chocolate City had to offer. At one point someone made a comment about the "paparazzi" and it struck a nerve with me. When I hear paparazzi I think of people who make you uncomfortable by following you and trying to catch you looking anything but your best on film (could be my own bias) and I was far from doing that. The only thing I (or anyone else I would imagine) would want to do is take pictures from the band launch that showcase the costume designers hard work and craftsmanship with the world. That is all. But when you could barely stand... let alone take a pic ...

I just had to get that off my chest. Back to business....
Ravishing Revellers:

This is one of my top 3 Chocolate City sections. I love the fact that every inch of the bra is covered in stones and the headpiece in each version of this costume (there are 3). The waistband however doesn't offer much coverage which may be while all the models appeared to have on boyshorts.


I love the colors orange (coral) and turquoise together (actually one of my favorite go to color combinations) for spring. Although I love the tops which are decorated (except for one option) with a patterned fabric and a few stones the bottoms I wasn't to sure about.  The models for this section all had on lace or some version of lace and netting on their  bottoms. Not sure if this was just for the launch or what they are actually having people play mas in. Seems like a lot of exposure on the road...

Saucy Revellers:

I didn't get many pictures of this section and they seemed to disappear right after the official launch (a few sections hung out for pictures). The backline option is simple but the frontline option offers a lot more. I like the feathers used in the collar and the wire headpiece.
Regal Revellers:

I absolutely LOVE this section. The model killed it...she owned her costume. I don't know why, but this is the only section in Chocolate City that only has one option! The colors (cream and gold) and the design of the headpiece definetly gives this costume a regal feel.

Flying Revellers:

Although initally I wasn't a fan  of the yellow feathers EVERYWHERE, the models SOLD this section. They had so much energy and life as they modeled. It made me want to start playing mas with them! This section has 3 different versions and a male costumes as well.

Fire Revellers:

Another one of my top 3 sections. I like the top of the costume (backline) and the use of two different designs for each side. The model in this section also had on the lace bottoms...

Brazilian Revellers:

Brazilian Revellers is the last of top 3 sections in Chocolate City. I love the color combination and  the fullness of the backpack in the Frontline section. I would have loved to see the frontline section without the wire bra or even a different type of wire bra. Blogger Carnival Divaz made an excellent point in her review of this launch and suggested the band use  flesh colored pasties that matched the model skins tone. The rationale being that people would be less distracted by the pasties and could focus on the detailing of the bra.

Overall, I think Chocolate City 500 offers some nice options for Labor Day 2012...

More pics from the band launch on my FB page... CLICK HERE. And while your there...feel free to LIKE the page!  :0)

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