Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nina Saro-Wiwa's Transition

I KNOW this video is everywhere right now. Being discussed on YouTube, taking over Twitter timelines, being shared on Facebook...everywhere. To be completely  transparent I noticed people talking about the video yesterday and simply did not click the link. I didn't want to watch another "why I decided to transition" video, what new can someone say? All this changed when I received the link to the video in my inbox from a close friend and I finally decided to watch Nina Saro-Wiwa's New York Times Op-Doc, Transition.  

Screen Shot from New York Times

My first reaction was shock. The filmmaker, Nina Saro-Wiwa, was at the Darker than Brown Meet-Up I attended a few weeks ago interviewing people I'm guessing for this film. Thinking back I remember how excited she was to be surrounded by so many natural coifs. When I watched the video not only did I see people I knew from other natural hair meet-ups but some of the people I met that day. Small world. Saro-Wiwa's film  in my opinion is one that should be watched, shared, and discussed with as many people as possible.  I agree with her statement that natural hair is under represented in the mainstream media and wonder how we combat this. The natural hair movement is not going anywhere anytime soon. Every day there are new bloggers and vloggers sharing their tips and journeys with the other naturals. Although there are new women joining the natural hair movement daily I fear that this trend has yet to reach the younger generation. How do we compete with Nikki Minaj videos, Vibe magazine covers, and the  bags and bags of  long, straight, shiny hair in the beauty supply stores. Don't get me wrong, I believe that how you style your hair is a choice. Whether it be relaxed, colored, or a Cesar. However,  I would love to see the day that terminology such as "transitioned", "big chopped", and even "going natural" no longer have a place in this world because brown and black girls will grow up knowing that they are beautiful just the way they are. Simplistic? Maybe. Cliche? Yes. But isn't that what other girls have?

Please check out the film HERE is you have not already!

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