Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Naturalista's High Bun

Hey peeps! I feel like it has been so long since I have blogged and even longer since I blogged about hair. Recently I received a few comments on my Hair Style of the Week posts (thank you all for reading and commenting) as well as some questions about hair styles which made me realize that I need to find some more quick and easy hair styles! Speaking of hair, I should also let you all know that I have took my kinky twists out this past weekend.  The end result? My hair ( mainly the back) was SUPER dry which was a bit disheartening.  I plan on sitting under my hair  steamer with some olive oil in an attempt to moisturize my strands sometime this week. In the mean time I am rocking mini twists which I pin up daily.  After taking my kinky twists out I swore that I wouldn't put synthetic hair back in my head anytime soon. That is until yesterday when my sister walked out of the house with a fabulous high bun with a sweep bang that she created with "Marley hair".

There are a thousand brands that make Marley Hair, this is just one!

Yes, the same type of hair I used for my kinky twists. It looked great. My cousin (another naturalista) even had to stop and ask my sis if she made the bun from an old twist out. I regret not taking pictures of it but I did find some similar styles on google (I love google, btw).

Click here for more pics of the style from blogger Jenell of KinkycoilyCurlyMe

Source (picture and video tutorial)
I hate to be a natural hair style bandwagonist BUT I'm impressed! Who knew five dollars worth of synthetic hair could give you so many style options. I can't wait until I wash my hair to try this style out! Interested in giving the Marley Bun a whirl? Try looking at these YT videos from Miss Vaughn, KinkyCoilyCurlyMe, and MissGlamourGirl1992. for some assistance:

Send me a pic if you try it!


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