Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hair Product Haul! & #NNCP Update

Hey People!

I just wanted to update you all on a few things....

First up, the #NNCP (No New Clothes Project), this @*%#! is hard. The seasons are changing and NEW Spring clothes are everywhere. When I  am on the internet, watch TV, or ride the train,the urge to shop takes over. Who knew my love affair with new clothing was THIS deep.  July seems so far away. The only saving grace is that I have given myself a tiny bligh for Trinidad Carnival. So along with the purchase of my Monday Wear and Boots (more on that later)I am allowing myself to buy one outfit per fete. And since I am not going to be in Trini long (more on that later too) that won't amount to much! After Trini though I am not sure how I am going to be able to maintain...

Keep me in your thoughts people!!

Enough about my suffering!! On to some goodies... well first some background info. For a while (since October)  I had been wearing extensions in various styles--cornrows, Senegalese twists, havana twists-- in an effort to give my hair a "break".  After NYE however I decided to let my hair breathe and was faced with the winter dilemma of DRY HAIR.  I went to a tried and true source, Curly Nikki, and left satisfied with some products I would try. 

Ok, on to the hair haul deets....

Curly Nikki raved about Oyin Handmade's Hair Dew in her Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Regimen Post! What struck me  the most was that she claimed this product moisturized without product buildup. I can't stand greasy hair, and I have learned there is a fine line between moisturized and oily hair strands!  When I went to the Oyin Handmade's website there were a few other products that caught my attention, so I decided to give the Snack Pack a try. The delivery was pretty quick (I received it the same week I ordered it) and they even added some candy and bubbles to the package (how cute)!   After a few uses I am absolutely addicted to the Hair Dew (Curly Nikki was right--moisture for days AND it smells amazing), the Greg Juice (compliments the Hair Dew smell nicely and comprised of hair friendly natural ingredients), and the Burnt Sugar Pomade (I use it as a sealant-- it adds shine, smells amazing, and of course seals. Also a little goes along way. I still have plenty left and I have used it several times). 

Now, I tired to use the Shine and Define but was thrown off by the consistency. It reminded me of a Shealo, whipped and airy. I rarely rock twist outs (which Shealo is ideal for) and the product had no real impact on my strands. This product may be beneficial to others, but for me, totally not worth it. I also tried the Honey Hemp conditioner as a leave-in ( Oyin claims it can be used as a leave-in, traditional conditioner, or deep conditioner) but the smell wasn't pleasant and the results were not as impressive as the Hair Dew. 


Curly Nikki wrote that Carol's Daughter's Monoi Oil was her go to because "it's non-greasy and seems to provide more nourishment than my regular oils". In her My Fall/Winter 2013 Natural Hair Regimen post and also mentioned that she adds oil to hair NIGHTLY to keep it soft and pliable.  I have been a huge fan of Vatika Oil for years  but I was willing to give the Monoi oil a try. The Vatika didn't seem to be having much impact. The jury is still out for me on the Monoi Oil. Although it isn't greasy and does seem to make my hair feel soft. I am not sure how long the benefits of the product lasts. And, quite frankly, if the cost  of this product is justified by the cost. In addition to this I am still experiencing some breakage which is disappointing because it is the one thing that this product was designed to combat.  I am not sure if I will reorder this one. 


I must confess I already own a hooded dryer and a hair steamer but I still felt the Hair Therapy Wrap would be a good edition to my hair regimen. Often times my deep condition time is minimized because I can't commit to sitting under the dryer for 30 mins (especially in the summer). With the Hair Therapy Wrap I can deep condition on the go while doing my laundry, my nails, cooking, whatever I need to do. I was skeptical at first about the length of time the wrap would stay warm for but it lasted about 30 mins and when I finally removed the wrap my head was still warm to the touch.  This purchase will be used every time I wash my hair.


My ALL TIME favorite deep conditioner, Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm is formulated for thick/course dry hair. Which I believe describes my hair quite Each time I use this as a DC my hair comes out super soft and moisturized.  The price of this product though was a turn off in the past and I refused to purchase it unless  I found it in TJ Maxx or Marshalls which seldom happened. I decided to bite the bullet this time around an and purchase it because after the hair extensions my strands needed some TLC. 

That's all folks! Not too bad! Everything I purchased was necessary  and have been used more than once since I purchased them. What new products have you added to your WINTER HAIR regimen? 

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