Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life Reset Challenge Day 11: Eliminate a Limiting Belief


Have you ever thought that? Maybe not in those exact words but have you ever stopped yourself from going the extra mile because you didn't think YOU COULD do it? Today's challenge had a simple premise, pick a limiting belief (such as the one I wrote) and ELIMINATE it! I picked the belief I wrote above this. This belief (although not always on the forefront of my mind) prohibits me from being as successful as I can be at work, with  this blog, and in my personal life.  Although the task of eliminating a belief does seem simple to complete  when you look past the surface you realize that if it was so simple to eradicate a limiting belief you would have done so years ago.  Rosetta Thurman did suggest that participants watch a video created by Morty Lefkoe to assist in eliminating the belief. I'll be completely honest and admit that for the first two sections (about 5 minutes each) I gave the video my undivided attention. However the third section was much longer and I began to get a little restless. It's a video that I will watch again though because despite its length and repetitiveness I think it has some useful strategies. If you are interested in watcing the video, click here.


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