Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crop Over 2011 Review--Cohobblopot

Cohobblopot, Barbados' answer to Soca Monarch in Trinidad (in my humble opinion) and Brass Fest in Brooklyn. It's a  display of the islands  most sought after Soca artists performing their hearts out, on one stage. This year they added Machel Montano to the mix, and my understanding is his Trini nationality ruffled a few Bajan feathers. People wanted to know why a Trini was headlining Cohobblopot, a Bajan Cropover event. To be 100% honest, Machel Montano was the only reason I bought my ticket, and I doubt I was alone in that sentiment.

                      (Have you listened to this tune? How can you not LOVE Machel!?!?)

The venue was Barbados' Kensington Oval which equals a huge space with a lot of different seating options and an open field for the folks who would like to stand.  I was in the 3W's  stands which was  DRY to stay the least. Everyone was glued to their seat bottom pretending that they were unmoved by the music. A few people were dozing off while others were wrapped up in conversation with friends. Although I tried my best to keep up my momentum this crowd was bringing me down and I wished I was in the field instead.

It's a fete...but yet they are all sitting like they are watching The People's Court!
Moments after I had that thought the sky opened up, literally! The crowd was prepared though and umbrellas were everywhere.
I was glad I wasn't in that mess. Grass + Rain= : (
I patiently waited for Machel to perform and I wish I could say it was well worth it. The crowd remained the same way throughout  his performance and drained all of my energy and excitement. It was so bad  I left before he finished performing  to catch a cab back to my guesthouse in St. Lawrence Gap. Would I go to Cohobblopot again? No, I rather lime at McBride's.

Me...with my "trying to make the best of it" face.
Trying to salvage the fete with my "Jones and Wuk Up" ...ALONE. lol.
Watch the video above if you have no idea what a "Jones and Wuk Up" is. Trust me, it will all make sense. (I hope!)
: D

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