Sunday, October 2, 2011

Joico, Olive Oil, and Honey= Totally manageable hair!

Have you ever had one of those hair moments when it seems as if the stars have aligned just right and your hair is perfect; soft to the touch, shiny, moisturized, fluffy, and you just  can't keep your hands out of it. Well this is the moment I had today after trying a few new things I feel like I hit the hair jack pot.

  • Pre-Po with Olive Oil and Honey- One of my new favorite vloggers Ms. Ahsiek1118, did a video showing her Olive Oil and Honey Hair Treatment step by step and I loved her results so I  gave it a try. I decided to do this pre-poo with my hair while it was still in the twists.  I simply slathered my Organic Extra Virgin  Olive Oil and my Trader Joe Raw Honey all over my hair and left it on for about an hour (it was covered with a plastic cap). I will admit some sections of my hair were a little sticky from the honey (and I missed the step in which she sprayed water on her hair before applying). but for the most part my hair was easy to detangle (untwist)  and felt soft to the touch.

  • Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner- This week I was scrolling through Curly Nikki's website and I came across a guest post by Nicole Harris of Hair Liberty answering a question in regards to detangling and breakage, a tale I can relate to. In the answer Joico Moisture Recovery conditioner was mentioned as a great product for natural hair for  detangling, had a low ph, and contained hydrolyzed protein (an ingredient that strengthens hair) . A product junkie at heart I quickly googled the product and found it for $25.00 on Amazon. No, thanks!! I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on an experiment. This weekend however I found the 33.8 oz bottle on sale for $ 14.99 at TJ Maxx, and it was well worth it. This conditioner has amazing slip and literally glided through my hair making detangling a breeze. This will definitely be a staple in my hair regimen for a long time.
After sitting under my Huetiful steamer and rinsing out the conditioner  I sprayed my hair with a sample leave-in conditioner I received from I love My Fro, and  moisturized each section with a dime sized amount of Olive Oil and my Shea Moisture Organic Thickening Growth Milk. My hair is shiny, feels amazing, and most importantly  done for the week. Have any of you tried any new hair products that wowed you? My inner product junkie is dying to know.
; - D

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