Monday, October 31, 2011

A small peak into my obsession--Fall Boots

Yes, it snowed on Saturday! Yes, I stood in the snow for about 2 1/2 hours and I am sick as a result. Yes, I despise the feeling "cold". Despite all of this I have a secret love for Fall and Winter. Why? One word, Boots! I can't get enough; tall, short, wedge, round toe, fur lined, it doesn't matter as long as they fit me well (and the price is right) I am happy. Here are some of my latest purchases:

Brand: Jessica Simpson  (Above the knee)
Color: Black
Material: Leather Upper, Man Made Sole
Store: Ebay
Price: 79.99 (plus shipping)
Verdict: I wore them once so far, and they are super comfy, super sexy, and well worth the price I paid!

Brand: Forever 21
Color: Cognac
Material: Pleather Vegan Leather : )
Verdict: I love these boots. I have worn them a few times and they are super comfy. However as you can see, my small calves in combination with the wide boot opening makes me look like Puss in Boots! I will stick with wearing these boots with jeans and legwarmers.

Brand: Miss Sixty
Color: Brown
Material: Leather (very soft leather, it scuffs easily)
Store: TJ Maxx
Price: 79.99
Verdict: I went to TJ Maxx looking for pumps and I walked out with these boots. I love the fact that the heel is low but the boot still has sex appeal. It's the most unique boot that I own!

Brand: BCBGeneration
Color: Brown
Material: Leather
Store: Burlington Coat Factory
Price: 69.99
Verdict: I have not worn these outside yet but I picture this with jeans and a peacoat. There is a slight Puss in Boots aspect to these boots so I predict that I will be wearing these with legwarmers.

Brand: Lauren, Ralph Lauren
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Price: 99.99
Verdict: These boots were love at first sight! I am not sure what to wear them with. Any thoughts?

Brand: Hunter
Color: Black
Material: Rubber
Store: Small boutique store in Boston
Price:I can't recall but they were on sale
Verdict: I wore these rain boots once and they were really comfortable. The wedge heel makes you feel dressed despite the fact that they are simply golashes.

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  1. Very nice fall boot collection. The Miss Sixty pair are definitely unique and a favorite. Thanks for sharing.


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