Sunday, October 16, 2011

#Get Pretty--The Aftermath

You know the saying, when it rains it pours. Well for the better part of last Thursday that phrase was my life. After a hectic action packed day at work, and a few moments of celebrating an important moment with one of my closest friends, I attempted to make my way to the Polish Bar of Brooklyn in Prospect Heights for their Get Pretty event done with Claire from the blog, The Fashion Bomb Daily. Then the pouring started; first the parking attendants in the garage where my car was being held had to go to New Zealand (or somewhere equally as far) to find my car. I stood waiting as patiently as I could as the time on my Blackberry got closer and closer to 6:00pm which coincidentally was the same  time the event was scheduled to start. As soon as my car came out of the garage  I stepped on the gas and began making my way towards Brooklyn. I'll spare you all the harrowing details but just know that I drove in the wrong direction for a while, my phone navigation began acting up, I was stopped by a small "we are the 99% "demonstration march (yes, complete with placards and bullhorns) , and I could not find a parking spot when when I got there. I finally arrived at  The Polish Bar of Brooklyn's Prospect Heights location around 7pm and I am glad that I went. It was so empowering (and a tad intimidating) to be in a room filled with women of color who blog like myself.

Everyone was dressed to kill and I even caught a glimpse of a few women whose blogs I read (I was to shy to say hello -_-). The venue itself was small but comfortable and  was set up with a few different stations for guests to samplesome of the services the Polish Bar offered.

There were manicure stations, pedicure stations, an eyebrow station, an airbrushed make up station, an eyelash extension station, and I believe a massage station (don't quote me on that last Guests were invited to sample as many services as they liked. I opted for a manicure but looking back I wish I tried a few othera , especially the lash extensions and airbrushed make-up. There were also mini cupcakes and cakepops from the Bake Shop (DELICIOUS) and sparkling wine for guests to dine on.

In exchange for the experience guests were simply asked to donate money for Breast Cancer research.  This event was one of the best free events I have been to in a while because of the array of services, the crowd, and the fact that it was done not only to promote The Polish Bar but to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. How was my manicure? It was nice however I didn't allow it to dry and had some major smudging so I took it off when I got home. I would definitely go to the Polish Bar of Brooklyn again not only because of their wide array of services but also because the owner (who did address the crowd at the end of the event) has a big heart. How many small business open their doors for a few hours and donate all of their profits to a cause or charity? Not many! Polish Bar of Brooklyn, you will see me again sometime soon.

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