Monday, February 13, 2012

Four days left....

Panic stricken! I think that is the appropriate terminology for what I am feeling right now. I can not believe I only have four days left until I leave for Trinidad and I am no where near ready. Although I know that once I arrive in Trinidad it won't matter if I have remembered to buy a cute tote bag for my trip Tobago or some other minor detail but the Capricorn in me is making a list and checking it twice, no three times. ; ) My Monday wear top is incomplete, I haven't had much time to exercise as of late, I am not sure if my head can hold up my headpiece :

That thing is MASSIVE!!!
As I was sitting thinking about all of the things I need to do before I leave I began thinking about the origin of Trinidad carnival. I have  always had an interest in learning about Caribbean History, Growing up in the United States to Caribbean parents I always longed to hear more about the "other" black history. So much so that I minored in Latin American and Caribbean Studies in undergrad. In my brief research  of Trinidad's carnival I found a few variances in the story of the origin but I wanted to share two informative videos with you all.

Does anyone know any other resources (books, videos) for information about the origin of Trinidad's carnival?

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