Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chance encounters...a moment with Tracey

Last night I read a blog post written by Tracey, a blogger who's website I am a fan of,  that left me overcome with a range of emotions. I didn't expect to see my face looking back at me as I scrolled down the blog page of the blog. Don't get me wrong I remember taking the picture, how can I not? I was on Maracas Beach fully engulfed in post carnival euphoria and in passing mentioned to Patrice (more on him later) that the girl that  he was just speaking to wrote a blog that I was an avid reader of (still following?).

carnival euphoria in FULL effect

 Moments later I was being whisked away to be introduced to her. Let me stop here and say that being "too cool" is my M.O. What I mean is I am not the kind of person to stop someone in the street and say "hey, don't I know you from somewhere"? It's an acquired coping mechanism that I have developed simply because sensitivity and rejection don't go well together.  Patrice however managed to convince me that she was a cool person and that introducing myself would be a good idea and there I was. She was kind and seemed intrigued that I read her blog. She was among her friends and they too seemed warm and embraced my presence in their liming area. We took a picture together, I promised to email,  and that was it. I honestly didn't think she would remember and the "too cool" girl in me didn't want to send the email.
Tracey and I. Still wondering why I had on shades AND a hat! Lol...

Then I read the post, in which she wrote an open letter to me. Thanking me  (pardon my rough summary but you should read the article) for inspiring her to keep writing her blog and remembering why it existed in the first place. The few moments in which I pushed my coolness aside and simply spoke my truth convinced her that her blogging was in fact purposeful and she should continue. You never know what impact you can have on someone. However the feeling of impacting the life of someone who has impacted your life is unexplainable. Now I appreciate Tracey even more not just because she wrote about our encounter but because it takes a certain type of person to show that type of gratitude and humility. I hope to meet more people like her...

Interested in reading Tracey's blog post? Hit me up.

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  1. Likes. That's what traveling will do, even if you just leave YOUR ZIP CODE, for one closest to you and volunteer in a diff atmosphere. No sense in being stuck in "sameville" - I see she mentioned she was in Ghana, be funny if we crossed paths around same time, my stay there - 6 degrees. Peace... + Hugs


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