Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vaca Hair--Take Two! The Trini Carnival Edition

Vacation Hair! A conundrum for every naturalista because honestly who wants to worry about twist-outs and humidity while you're on vacation, especially during carnival which is non-stop pace! Aside from my Monday Wear this is one aspect of my vacation planning that caused me a huge amount of anxiety. I knew I wanted something different, low maintenance, with lots of volume, and not my usual go-to style wet and wavy braids. Wearing my hair out wasn't an option for me because I can barely get dressed on two hours of sleep let alone style my hair. When I went to Barbados I was excited to install my Senegalese Twists and although I loved them they wreaked havoc on my already delicate hairline and therefore  wasn't an option this time around. So what DID I do?

Yes, that's a weave. I must admit this style took a while to grow on me and for the first 24 hours I hated it!

My inspiration for my Carnival look.

Creating this style was the easy part. Finding the right hair for this style was a little more challenging simply because of all the options out there (and a lack of reviews on certain products). Have you ever searched on line for Afro Textured Human Hair? If not let me the first to tell you the results are mind boggling. Multiple textures, a range of prices, a few reviews, and a lot of confusion. In the end I decided I was not ready to pay 80-100 dollars for a few ounces of hair and ventured out to my local beauty supply store. I LOVE BROOKLYN! (shameless plug). In the first store I tried I found an Indian Remy Wet and Wavy Hair by Janet Collection in Afro Jerry Curl and decided for the price of 40 dollars for 12 inches it was worth a try.

Fresh out of the pack...

As per the instructions I wet the hair and allowed it to air dry before having it installed in my hair. In order to ensure that the hair would remain soft to the touch once wet I rinsed it with some conditioner and followed up with a leave-in conditioner (Knot Today).
Air drying on my bed....
The final look:

@Sunny Side Up...

Side view

The Front

The back/side
I haven't worn a weave in years and I was very anxious about the whole thing but at the end of the day this look grew on  me (can you tell from the pics ; 0). I might even try it again despite the fact that by the end of the week the back was a tangled mess (maintaining the hair wasn't my strong point). What other brands of hair work with natural (Kinky, Coily, Curly,etc) textures?  


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