Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eclipze and Sunny Side Up... Pace!

At approximately 6am Carnival Saturday morning my Continental Airlines flight touched ground in P.O.S. and although I was excited about everything that the next few days would include I knew other people who had BEEN in Trinidad for days before me. More importantly these same people were fast asleep resting up after Girl Power, heading home from Blue Range Cooler Fete, or lining up for Silent Morning boat ride. I didn't let my feelings of jealousy get in my way though because  I know in my heart who the real Carnival Jumbie is...
The first fete I went to was Eclipze and although I enjoyed myself in the end the first few hours I was there was like watching a pot boil. My crew and I ate as soon as we arrived and waited, and waited, and waited for the fete to start. Eventually it did but the majority of the time was spent staring at one another as we waited for something to happen, guzzling Nuvo, taking shots of Johnny,  and snapping pictures of ourselves (none of my pics came out well. Someone should have warned me that you should use Make Up Forever's HD Finishing Powder SPARINGLY. In all of my pictures I look like ghostly, but I digress).

My sis and I taking in the views at Eclipze.

Trying to "jump-start" the festivities
Some members of my crew--Image blurred to conceal

After Eclipze we went home and grabbed a couple of hours sleep and prepared for one of my favorite fete's of the season, Sunny Side Up.  I will admit I got to this fete later than I expected. Thankfully it was in walking distance from my house in the Vale and there was no line when I arrived at a few minutes after 7. So I attended a fete for about three hours and named it the BEST, are you wondering why.

  • FOAM: Let's be clear. I am an adult, I have a career, I own my place, I own my car but even as an adult there is something euphoric about foam (and water) at 7 in the morning. I can't lie, at first I looked over at the foam with discerning eyes and thought to myself "I am not getting in that". Fast forward to a few moments later and  I was engulfed in foam, shoes in my hand (there was mud underneath all those bubbles) and in full "foam reveller" mode. I thought I was going to miss the water hose at Insomnia, ahhh, I have been wrong before.

Check out my boy to the right--Having a TIME!! ; )
  • Easy Access to Food and Drinks: As soon as you walked inside the venue the bar was to your left and the food was to your right. Initially I had the fish tea which is not the best thing to start your morning with but I went to the shortest line because I just wanted something to coat my stomach before the Johnny Walker marathon began. They also had a food court (so sorry I have no pics of that) which was indoors (relief from the early morning sun) and had an assortment of food as well. I stuck with my fete go to, doubles, but people seemed to be enjoying all of the offerings.
My sis and I-Johnny in one hand Fish Tea in the other....

  • VIP  General Admission Was Bessss: Typically when I attend fetes if there is a VIP section offered that is where you will find me. For Sunny Side Up my crew and I decided to give  general admission a whirl and it did not disappoint. To be honest from where I was standing the VIP'ers seemed to be  looking at general admission with longing in their eyes. #justsaying
The VIP section is behind the yellow ribbon

General Admission...vibes for days
  • The Vibes Cyah Done: From the time I walked in SSU to the time that I left the energy level was high. Between the performers (Kes and Blaxx stand out to me the most, but there were others), the dj's, and yes the FOAM, I can't see how anyone could have left this fete wanting more.
"It Hit Meh"....Blaxx

This bands name is at the tip of my tongue

My crew and I had a BALL. After it was all said and done we stagered walked home muddy, tipsy, and high off the spirit and energy of carnival. Will I go to SSU again? In a heartbeat (unless I get my hands on some Vale tickets next year). I am even considering going to Sunny Side Up in Brooklyn for Labor Day weekend.

To top off the end of a great morning when I went to the Micles on a pre-carnival mission later that day  I ran into  Bunji and Fayann shopping. When my sis and I approached them for pics ( mind you I was  still in my SSU attire, dried mud and all) they kindly obliged. I felt a little guilty afterwards because we created an uproar and when we left Micles they were still taking pics. Much love goes out to FayAnn and Bunji!

Look at my face...just happy to be

I was tempted to drop on the ground and roll to show my appreciation.

Btw, my FB page is on the fritz. As soon as I get it to resume normal functioning I will post the rest of my pics from Eclipze and SSU there.

Stay Tuned....


  1. I hope you're having a great time in Trinidad! I'll be there at the end of the month!

  2. I had a great time! Trinidad is full of such great PEOPLE and PLACES! I wish I could go back with you at the end of the


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