Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BFF's--> Through sickness, health, and natural hair!

I feel very fortunate to have had two close friends that have been with me since high school. Sharing the similarities of being of West Indian decent, over protective parents, lovers of Soca music, and for years we’ve done everything together. We are so close that we call ourselves Charlie’s Angels (corny, I know). As we reach each successive milestone in our lives, our friendship (somewhat altered due to our proximity to one another, family, and work commitments) has remained strong.
Throughout my entire natural hair journey, both Rockie and
Tee have been very supportive and sometimes in awe of my fro.   Right now, I am so proud to say that they too are on their own natural hair journeys. Tee has completed her first year of wearing her hair natural. Rockie will complete her “big chop” TOMORROW after her yearlong transition as well. I made her appointment at Khamit Kinks myself (stay tuned for pre and post pics and video).!Well ladies, Charlie’s never seen any angels like us.
; o )
I'm blessed to have friends like you two!

Tee and I--Vegas 2006?? (Not sure...lol)

Rockie and I--Trinidad 2009

The Angels ; o )--Insomnia Trinidad Carnival 2009


The Angels ; o ) --Orlando Feb-2010 --Notice Tee is rocking her natural hair.
Rockie and Tee--Feb 2010-- This was around the time of Rockie's last relaxer.

Tee and I

Rockie and I Summer 2009--;Can't wait for tomorrow!! Big Chop Day!!

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