Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Syle Of The Week: Nothing to Report : (

This weekend I continued my experiment with Ayurveda, specifically Amla and Brahmi powders (adding them to my deep conditioner). One word of advice if you decide to try this at home, make sure you wash all of the conditioner out of your hair. I know it may seem like common sense however I left my twists in while rinsing and discovered as I was applying my leave-in conditioner later on that my hair still had the powders in it.  Since it was late and I was feeling a bit lazy I decided against revisiting rinsing and grabbed my Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control Gel and a soft brush and slicked my hair into a puff. I then created a Cinna-bun. I didn't take any pictures because I wasn't fond of the style or the fact that my hair had residue in it (100% transparency here). I hope these texture shots of my hair (from last week) are sufficient until next week. 

Soaking wet hair...anyone know what my hair type would be?

Close up shot. I'm thinking 4b. ; )
 Until next week...

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