Friday, April 1, 2011

Out And About: A Night in Brooklyn Part 2

After having a sampling at Comida I ventured further down Fifth Avenue to High Dive.  High Dive had a completely different vibe. It had a low-light ambiance and they were playing rock music, loudly.

There was a bachelor party of some sort going on at the time. What seemed to be a themed affair since the group of men were wearing wigs having a great time too.  What I enjoyed the most  about High Dive was their bar snack, popcorn. I am not a fan of nuts especially the ones that sit on bars where airborne contaminants can land so easily. So when I heard that they served complimentary popcorn I grabbed myself my very own bowlful. They even had Cayenne pepper to add a little zest. Delicious! The bartender’s mixed drinks were pretty good as well. The bartender was a friendly and patient guy. As I went over the list of their pre-thought of concoctions, I ended up with something called a Dark and Stormy, which was comprised of Goslings and Ginger Beer . It was delish (I love Ginger Beer) and reasonably priced at only seven dollars.

In an effort to make the most out of my night, I departed High Dive and found my way into the Loki Lounge. 

 Talk about a drastic difference! Loki Lounge is a huge bar with high ceilings and a large lounge area.  This lounge seemed to be laid back, almost serene, as there were a few couples enjoying each other’s company and a rather large gathering of friends chatting in the lounge area. If you are ever planning a party or even a social Meet-Up (hint hint natural hair bloggers), then this place would be a particularly good venue. The lounge area had a ton of antique couches, greenery, and flat screen televisions. 

 There was even a pool table that cost $1.50 per game. With the pool table comes a few challengers (guys) with stacks of quarters that are ready to “play you in a game” (nothing nefarious about it just weird I suppose). 

 Sadly, there was no pre-made “concoction” menu at Loki and the bartender wasn’t the friendliest either. All in all, I enjoyed my time at Loki and the game of pool I played (and lost).
The words Smith’s Bar conjures up two words in my mind “Cash Only.” If you don’t walk with cash, then do not walk in here. I had a few dollars, so I decided to stick around for a beverage. Smith’s is an Irish Pub complete with those Guinness classic advertisements, a dart board, juke box, and -not surprisingly – an Irish bartender. Just kidding… I don’t know if he was Irish, but he was nice and friendly.  I didn’t stay in Smith’s very long because the vibe wasn’t one that I am particularly accustomed to and my cash was  in limited supply.

Next up was Rachel’s for a bite to eat. I’ll blog about that and few other stops in my tour de Brooklyn coming up in Part 3. Ciao!

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