Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Edition: Hair Style of the Week

It's wedding season and I have found myself caught smack dab in the middle of it. No, not because I am planning my own but rather I have RSVP'd (and replied yes) to a few invites. Don't get me wrong I love a great wedding, it always reassures me that real love does in fact exist. However, the stress typically comes from deciding what dress will I wear, what gift will I bring, and the most difficult, how will I wear my hair? The dress this time around was simple. After going in a few stores I found the perfect dress in Filene's Basement but my hair proved to be more than a little challenging. The Sunday before the wedding I styled it in my usual combo of twists and flat twists and rocked it pinned up all week. When I untwisted my hair for a twist out on Saturday (the day of the wedding) however my twist out wasn't anything like I had imagined. My hair seemed lifeless, my ends seem ragged (I think I need to get a hair stylist to do a major trim), and the shape (despite various techniques of coaxing) was anything but symmetrical. As a result I took a few bobby pins and pinned it up. Here's the final look:

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