Sunday, April 3, 2011

You ARE What You Eat!

I have been thinking a lot about my hair and its growth (or lack thereof) lately. Put simply, my hair refuses to flourish despite all of the TLC that I dedicate to it night after night.

August 2010

August 2010
When looking at pictures from August 2010 (when I first took out my extensions) to see if and how my hair had changed I can discern a difference, but it’s not the big difference that I am seeking. It doesn’t seem like a year’s worth of growth. Where's my six inches? (I guess we all can’t be Kim Love.)  I can admit that prior to last summer I was not treating my hair with anything that fit the definition of TLC. When I began to wear my hair out again this past August, I wasn’t using a leave-in conditioner (although I followed Kim Love religiously I did not like her recipe for her leave-in conditioner because it typically left my hair feeling dry) and that probably hasn’t helped.  Despite all of these considerations I still feel disappointed.

January 2011

My hair February 2010

As you already know, I am a fan of Mop Top Maven (MTM) whose hair – by her own admission – didn’t begin to flourish until she began a strict Ayurvedic regimen. Even though  I pledged to take her hair growth challenge, which included an option of using an Ayurvedic regimen routinely, I have only used Henna twice since January (not as strict as I probably should have been).  More recently, I have begun to include Alma and Brahmi powders into my routine. As I look for the other Ayurvedic ingredients MTM talks about in her blog I cannot help but wonder about my diet and how it’s affecting my hair. Like the saying goes “…you are what you eat.” MTM actually provides a few dieting tips and insight on what she consumes to promote healthy hair and skin. Kim Cole’s hair growth challenge recommends drinking 2 litters of water daily (I have failed miserably at that), taking vitamins, as well as maintaining a healthy diet. As I look around my office and in my desk drawer all I see are snacks, and none of them healthy. I load up on cookies and other treats because I tend to buy them in bulk to save money. Rarely do I eat the yogurt that I buy either. Therefore, as of this Monday I'm going to commit to the following;
• Taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil twice daily;
• taking my multivitamin daily;
• continuing to incorporate wheat germ and flaxseed into my daily diet by adding a tablespoon of both to my yogurt (and actually eating it J;
• consume more fruit; and
• eating vegetables with dinner each night.

Do you believe your diet has impacted your hair growth?

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