Saturday, April 9, 2011

Out and About: A Night In Brooklyn The Final Chapter

Having a little fun!
Rachel's Taqueria:

I love Tex-Mex, Mexican Cuisine, Southwestern Cuisine and with that being said Rachel's Taqueria was one of my favorite stops on my Tour de Park Slope. On the outside it is just another low key restaurant on 5th Avenue with the exception of the neon sign that beckons you inside.

Rachel's Taqueria 408 5th Avenue
  On the inside the vibe although still low key and quite cozy it is colorful and has a at home feel to it. What I loved the most was the huge mural on the wall that I found myself constantly staring at as I was mesmerized by the message that it sent.

The Mural

Civil Rights...EQUALITY FOR ALL!!
 The bartender (I sat at the bar) was patient and friendly and the food was DELISH! Besides staring at the mural I also found myself mesmerized by the various types of Tequila that was on display. Call me naive but who knew there was more than Jose Cuervo, Don Julio, and Patron?

The Bar...

In the spirit of randomness lets discuss the bathroom.  I loved it! The walls are covored with bumper stickers, magazines, some graffiti, and other paraphenalia from all over the country. I honestly spent a great deal of time in there just reading the stickers and wondering who placed them there.

The Wall

Being Silly...


I ordered a surf and turf meal complete with shrimp, steak, rice and beans, and guacomole. I loved every bite of it. I love shrimp and  their grilled shrimp were the best I have had in a great while!
Dessert Run...The Chocolate Room:

The last stop on the tour was a long time favorite The Chocolate Room. If you love dessert, especially chocolate, then this is the place for you. The highlights: (1)This place just serves dessert and beverages so if you like having a basket of bread on the table when your seated don't come here. Instead you get a sample of some decadent dessert that they have created that day.

You see it....Chocolate Beer...created by The Brooklyn Brewery
(2) I love the small, cozy, vintage,  laid back atmosphere of this place, I always feel so at home when I'm here.

Vintage Hersheys

The take home options...
 (3) The Chocolate Fondue. It's one of my favorite things to order. Who can feel guilty about dessert when there is fruit involved? The dish consists of fresh strawberries, banana's, pound cake, and marshmallows, and of course a chocolate dipping sauce.

Not sold on The Chocolate Room? Ask Oprah about it, apparently she raved about this place too!
That concludes the tour...where should I tour next?

The End!

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