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Deep Conditioning the Ayurvedic Way...

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Sunday morning I was particularly frustrated with my hair, detangling took longer than I expected, and when I was done it felt as if the ends of my hair were ragged and unhealthy. I was disheartened because my hair ends are the very parts that I go to extensive lengths (no pun intended) to protect each week. Furthermore, I had been faithfully participating in two hair challenges (Mop Top Maven (MTM) and Kim Coles) with what seemed to be no improvement. Sure, I may have missed a few steps (ex. drinking more water, daily vitamins, etc.) but I was following what I believe to be the basic elements (i.e. weekly wash, deep condition, moisturize, and protect). I realize that everyone's hair is different, but these were the fundamentals that I believed - perhaps mistakenly - should have yielded some hint of improvement. Alas, I decided to take things in my own hands and trimmed my hair (Anu of Kahmit Kinks would cringe at the thought of me trimming my own hair). I also decided to do more with the few Ayurvedic powders I purchased instead of watching them languish under my sink unused. My original goal was to wait until I had all the products MTM uses, but I decided to just use what I have rather than seek out more.

The products I use are Amla Powder and Brahmi Powder. Amla, which is also known as Indian Gooseberry. According to,  It is the secret to thick, shiny, healthy hair of many Indian women. Additionally, it is a potent antioxidant and an important health rejuvenator when taken internally. It is used as a popular Ayurvedic remedy for many health conditions. Applied topically, Amla is an excellent hair rejuvenator. It is a nourishing herb as it is used to prevent scalp infections, hair loss, and premature greying. Amla also adds luster and shine to hair as a result of its astringent composition. (
"Brahmi is used topically in both Ayurvedic and Japanese medicine to treat hair loss and skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Brahmi powder can be combined with ashwagandha, tulsi, and amla powders in an oil mixture to massage the scalp. According to one website, It is said to strengthen the hair roots, relieve itchy scalp problems, and help prevent dandruff. ( ) My new approach is to use a more holistic hair strategy since I am fresh out of ideas. I realize that I am growing out of years of neglect, but perhaps using a different approach may yield better results!

What I did:

I used the remainder of my Yes to Carrots and added one tablespoon of Amla and Brahmi.

 Next, I added a teaspoon of Castor oil and Mahabhringraj oil. The Castor oil was added to help me stretch the conditioner because I did not have enough for my whole head. Since I was also low on castor oil I added some Hello Hydration conditioner that I had in a cupboard. As I started to add this mix to my hair I realized how similar it was to applications of henna I have done.

It had the same earthy green smell and while applying it to my hair it had the same consistency. Once I finished applying the mix to the front half of my head I realized I didn’t have enough for the back. Running out of ideas, I decided to add a tablespoon of Vatika Oil to the remaining mix. In hindsight, I probably should have done this from the start. It made the mix much smoother and with less  granules it was easier to apply.  Once my whole head was covered I sat under my bonnet dryer for about 45 mins and then rinsed.

The results:

First, I should say that rinsing was a bit messier than normal because both powders were brown in color and this remained true as I was washing them outt. Although my tub wasn't left stained going forward I will rinse my hair out in my kitchen sink to minimize the potential for the color to stain my tub and shower cutain. 

Overall, my hair felt great afterwards, soft and my coils were popping. I'm going to place an order for the rest of my Ayurvedic products this week. I will continue to provide updates in the near future.

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