Monday, March 21, 2011

Hair Style of The Week: Style Fail!

A few days ago I was on Meechy Monroe's blog  looking at the amazing pictures from her post on the Naturally Flyy Detroit Meet-Up and I saw this picture.

It was love at first sight for me. A new protective style that I could add to my arsenal. After washing, deep conditioning, leave-in conditioning, and sealing my hair (btw...I am loving Vatika oil) I got started. I was able to quickly flat twist the sides of my hair with little problem. As I tucked and rolled section by section of the remainder of my hair I felt a sense of doom.  My hair at the time was still pretty damp and each section looked like a wavy, puffy, undefined mess! Nothing like the above picture!  Maybe the sections were to small. Maybe my hair needed to be dry and stretched a bit before attempting this. Either way it was an EPIC FAIL. I didn't even take pictures. How did I fix it?   I twisted each rolled section and then pinned that up. This time around there was no beginners luck for me. : (

The side...looking a little uncomfortable in this pic : )

The other side

The back...I don't think it looks that crazy in person. ; )
That's all for now...

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