Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Carnival Tabanca!

The Tabanca always hits me the evening of Carnival Monday! : (
Earlier that day!


Tabanca : /taˈbaŋka/noun
[mass noun] West Indian: a painful feeling of unrequited love, typically for a former lover and causing unbalanced or violent behaviour.
Before: Carnival Monday Morning

After: Carnival Monday Evening
There are few things in the world that I feel are an absolute must “do” or “see,” but Trinidad carnival is one of those rare exceptions. Although I refer to my “budget” quite throughout this blog I often have a weak spot for all things carnival. One year I spent an unthinkable sum of money and time at airports to spend four glorious days in Trinidad for carnival. Unfortunately, I will not be in Port of Spain for the revelry this year because of my work schedule. While looking for a cure for my symptoms I ended up finding the diagnoses, carnival tabanca. I am LOVE SICK over Trinidad carnival.
1.       Constantly looking at old pictures and video’s from last year’s carnival
2.       Looking at and/or trying on last year’s costume complete with music, whistle, and rag
3.       Looking on trinidadcarnivaldiary.com for updates on all things carnival
4.       Texting friends in Trinidad to ask about the latest songs and fetes nightly
5.       Constantly checking islandmix.com for local fetes
6.       Busting out into a random wining sessions while doing laundry, eating, at work
7.       Feverishly checking kayak.com, and priceline.com, for airfare to other carnivals, Miami, Barbados’ Crop Over, Canada’s Caribana, Grenada, anywhere
My heart is aching as the greatest show on earth is about to take place without me. I have already decided that I will be dressed in all black from Carnival Thursday right up until Ash Wednesday. If you can’t find me on Monday, March 7, 2011 look for me at the airport. I might be right alongside this guy. J

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