Friday, March 11, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011: How much is too much?

Island People Mas -Lunar Cycle- Backline $616 US (Source)
Island People Mas-Mars Secret - Frontline $816 US (Source)
Bliss-Titans - Backline $648- Frontline $916 US (source)

Below is a link to an interesting video by The New York Times highlighting my favorite thing in the world Trinidad Carnival, and the battle between the old and the new. Bikini's and Beads vs. Traditional Mas. Made overseas vs. made up the road. Profit  driven vs.Preservation of culture. This topic always leaves me feeling conflicted and wishing I could have the best of both worlds: playing mas  in a small traditional band as well as in a large commercial band. I  LOVE my culture. When I made the switch from a less popular mas band that I used to participate and play mas in  since I was a teenager to IslandPeople Mas my cousin questioned my rationale. For me it was simple, I wanted to be a part of the revelry that was the brand IslandPeople. Truth is the same holds true today. 

Click here for the New York Times video.

Please watch and share your thoughts. The pictures from this post are of some costumes I would have definitely tried to purchase if I went to Trinidad's Carnival this year.

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