Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Style Of the Week: Who does your hair?

"Who does your hair?"

Whenever someone asks me this I find it hard not to smile. I must admit it feels good to have someone implicitly acknowledge the hard work, time, and money that I exhaust on this journey. I dedicate hours of my time to caring for my hair and when someone notices it serves as strong motivation to continue. This weekend in particular was a tough one because I was not only exhausted from my six-day work week, but my hair was extremely tangled. I wore my hair out in a banana clip on Friday and Saturday and neglected to do a much needed finger detangling session on Saturday night. Combine that neglect with some soap and water and you will have a disaster to deal with like I did. After washing and deep conditioning my hair, I parted it and detangled each section with a heavy dosing of Knot Today and my very own nimble fingers. It took a while longer than it would have ordinarily; however, I was able to complete my hair by dusk (I started the whole process at about 11am). I twisted my hair using Shea Moisture Curl Enancing Smoothie and Vatika Oil. My hair was pretty damp for most of this process, so the twists were shrunken and not as long as they are usually. I also made a few flat twists to my edges as well. (I don't like to twist the hair near my hairline because it’s shorter and it doesn’t stay twisted for long. Plus the flat twists keep me from the craving to re-twist my very sensitive edges). For style, I pinned my twists into a tuck and roll in an effort to keep the hairstyle simple yet protected.

I know...I know...It always looks the same from the front!
Side-view. Take note of the noticeably shorter twists...I decided to cut off all my straight ends.

The back..all tucked and rolled away! 

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