Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out and About: The Pyramid Club

I decided on a whim to go to a place called The Pyramid Club one night with hardly any expectations on what the venue would look like or the temperament of the crowd. Basically, I had no clue as to what I was getting myself into. In any event, I decided to go to support a “friend” of mine that was going to perform one of his tracks at this venue. I happen to be on vacation so I figured why not support? Besides, I’ve frequented some places nearby before like The Nuyurican Poets CafĂ©, a random lounge or two, and a club called Element. In those cases I attended for vastly different reasons, but I figured The Pyramid Club would be a venue of similar caliber. Not quite! If you are looking for a place with ambiance, or at least polite staff (the bartender and the bouncer were not the friendliest folks), then this is definitely not the place for you. The name of the event being held that night was called Training Camp. It’s an opportunity for aspiring artists to get on-stage  and perform and compete for a cash prize. Metaphorically speaking, it’s the offspring of “open mic night” meets “talent show.” A lot of the artists performing were interesting to say the least. The artist I came to see goes by the name of Son Of Sin (or s-dot-o-dot-s-dot’).  However, he was by far one of the better performances in my own  (I admit, slightly biased) opinion.

Check him out HERE.

 I learned a few lessons that night: 

1. People continue to smoke indoors in New York City!

Yea...they don't care.
2. There are still some women who rely purely on their physical attributes to try to get ahead in life.

3. No matter where in New York City you go people from Brooklyn will always be the most energetic, brazen, audacious people in attendance.

4. This guy really thinks he is Eminem.

5. New York City is truly a melting pot. On this one night, in this random location, there were performers from all over the globe trying to become the next BIG THING! There was a rap artist from Japan, a singer from Russia, a Dominican quartet (imagine a Latin City High), a Jamaican Dancehall artist, a Trini woman who thought she was Patra, and the  guy above who thought he was Eminem.

All in all, I had a great time and did not really want to leave before the end; but I had to unfortunately. If you are ever in need of some entertainment, and don’t mind mingling with the masses, and dealing with some less than friendly staff then you should make your way to the Pyramid Club.

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