Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ayurveda In The City?

I must admit that I can be impatient at times. I mean who wouldn’t prefer instant gratification over waiting a long period of time for anything? My impatience does work against me at times.  For example, it is the second month of this hair challenge and I’m becoming impatient because I have not achieved my goal of Rapunzel length hair J. All jokes aside though, I decided while on vacation to search for all things Ayurvedic in the Big Apple. I wanted all the products that I’ve been studying: Henna, Amla Powder, and Fuller’s Earth to name a few. Thoroughly confused at where to start, my first stop was Google where I found a website for Kalustyan’s located on 123 Lexington Avenue. The website boasted its many spices, seasonings, and tea’s from all over the world and included some health and beauty aids such as Vatika Oil. You can check out their website at I decided I would check it out for myself.

Some of the merchandise.

The shop was a lot smaller than I thought, but it did have a supply of Alma oils, Hesh Powders, and Henna. On the way to Kalustyan’s I passed a few other shops that I thought looked interesting, which resulted in me only getting a few things from Kalustyan’s. I bought boxes of Amla, Brahami, and Multani Mati at $3.99 each and a bottle of Vatika oil for $5.99.  I looked at the Henna, but they did not have any brands that were familiar. There was a box of Jamila Henna, but the packaging did not have a date on it and looked slightly different than what I had at home. All set with my products I preceded to the register to pay. The cashier making small talk asked if I ever used the Vatika Oil. I responded that I had not, and she exclaimed that it was very good for hair. Needless to say I felt flush with pure excitement!
Information overload! There were so many products I did not know where to start first!

The next shop I visited was The Little India Store located at 128 East 28th Street. This shop also had a variety of Hesh and other Ayurvedic products. Since the Hesh products were priced a lot cheaper at $2.49 per box I stocked up on more Amla, Multani, and Brahmi. I also purchased another bottle of Vatika Oil which was $5.50 this time around. I also found Maha Bhringraj Tail Oil for $9.99 . I was not sure what the purpose for these oils where while I was in the store, but the name  was similar to the list of powders that I was looking for so I decided to buy them and do the research later. J

The Little India Store has the best prices but not as wide of a selection.

My intent is to use these Ayurvedic products as listed on Mop Top Maven’s Go Ayurvedic posts. Interested? Click HERE.  So far I have incorporated the Vatika Oil and Mahabingraj Oil into my weekly moisture schedule.  Although the Vatika Oil does has a light coconut smell which I find tolerable. The Mahabhringraj Tail Oil has a smell that I cannot quite describe; however, I will say that the smell is not pleasant at all to me!  I think I will only use it on the days  I wash my hair and hope the smell wears off during the week.
 I will keep you all posted on when and how I’ll use the rest of the products I’ve mentioned above in the coming days. 

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