Friday, March 25, 2011

Out and About: A Night in Park Slope

Yes...that's me...and YES I am kicking the train!!

As you may or may not know, I am newly car-less and despise it terribly. In any event, a close friend invited me to a game night she was hosting at her home in Queens. I vehemently fought the urge to oppose riding the train and tried my best to figure it out on Hopstop. Alas, I didn't make it. According to HopStop it would have taken me 2 hours, a few trains, and a possible bus to make her house.  After apologizing profusely, and cursing whoever the jerk was that totaled my parked car, I opted to go to plan B.
Ok...I was coerced into considering a plan B. Looking back at it now I feel like it was a great decision. So rather than traveling to Queens, I rediscovered Park Slope Brooklyn.

Beacons Closet

 Call me late but as much as I have heard about Beacons Closet I have never stepped foot inside one until this night.  The premise: Beacons Closet is a clothing exchange store. People go there to sell their items, buy items, and anything in between. Items I saw included: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and random household knick-knacks. I was surprised that this place was packed on a Saturday night. Everywhere I turned there were men and women flipping through racks, trying on clothes, asking friends for their opinions, and a general buzz of excitement and anxiousness in the air. Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed by the place so I didn’t stay long, but I was  tempted by an H & M Sweater and a Uniqlo shirt (both under $20). I put them back sadly, but I do plan to go back

Odd Twin 164 5th Avenue
Apparently, there are a slew of vintage stores in Park Slope. I did however decide to venture in one named Odd Twin. This store was a lot quieter than Beacon’s Closet. There were less patrons and more of a focus on their vintage pieces. Along with their vintage pieces came grandmother’s heirloom prices, a little to rich for my blood. Needless to say, I didn’t stay in here long.

Comida 230 5th Avenue

Window shopping can be extremely exhausting. So as I continued my walking tour of Park Slope I came across Comida, a Latino restaurant. It was their happy hour sign posted up outside that had caught my attention.

My Sangria...wasn't the best I ever had.

Comida boasts a daily happy hour from 5-7pm. Specials include $3 draft beers, $4 sangria, and $5 margaritas. Additionally, there are some special appetizers that were $5 as a part of their happy hour special. I ordered some taquitos as an appetizer.

 They came served with spiced pumpkin seeds, which were much better tasting than I expected. Comida’s dim lighting and musical selections from soft rock to Spanish music makes for a laid back  style of ambience. While I was taking pictures inside Comida I was approached by an older woman who was mostly milling about fixing menus who asked, "…you're not one of those crazy bloggers are you?'. I was utterly surprised and replied “…yes I am actually…” She went on to introduce herself.   Her name is Margaritte and she happened to be the restaurant’s owner. She asked what I thought about the food and my overall dining experience. I told her that "…I blog about hair mostly…" She seemed to become more relaxed and at ease with that statement. I’ve gone back to Comida since and the food there remains excellent.
The night was just getting started. Stay tuned for part 2...

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