Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoedazzle says I'm Flirtatious, Youthful, and Femme...

A few days ago I was flipping through my March 2011 Essence magazine when I came across this picture:
The shoes! It was truly love at first sight. I have RSVP'd to three weddings so far for this summer and I thought that this shoe would be perfect. Mind you, I have coworkers who have raved about this sight before ( however It fell on deaf ears with me. A website that picks out shoes you would want to wear according to your style profile? I can do that myself. They send you updates on a regular basis? Sounds like trouble to me. However the folks at Essence magazine have sealed the deal and lured me in. So today I signed up and took the initial assessment (It took less than 10 minutes). My results? Take a look:

It takes 24 hours for your stylists to come up with suggestions for you. I have my 39.95 (yes, that's the price for each shoe, handbag or jewelry set) ready and waiting. Did I mention the free shipping. A recovering shopaholics nightmare dream. I'll keep you posted.

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