Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deep Conditioner Idol


You may have divined from the title that I am on the search for a new deep conditioner to add in my regimen. I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with Hello Hydrations or the Giovanni Deeper Moisture, which I was using up till now. However, I do not use either alone and would frequently add in a mixture of Nettle, Horsetail Herb extracts, and Grapeseed or Olive oil to boost the conditioner power of each.  Nettle is rich in Vitamins A and D and thought to stimulate hair roots and promote hair growth. The Horsetail Herb is high in organic silica and is used to strength hair. Again, over these next few weeks I intend to purchase a new deep conditioner and I will note any differences that I find, if any. The first up, one deep conditioner that I have been curious about for a while called Say Yes to Carrots. Wish me luck!

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