Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Fest: Missed Connections?

It may have happened to you before. While riding the train your eyes lock with those of a gorgeous potential suitor and then your stop is next and you have to get off the train. Or, you are in Starbucks passing the time when a stranger peaks your interest and as soon as you muster up enough courage to utter a word, they leave. What I am not sure of is how many of you have used Craigslist for the opportunity of getting a second chance. The Missed Connections section of Craigslist is a place where people can try to locate the strangers they have had brief interactions with but are yearning for something more. From time to time I browse through this section myself just to check. : )  Not a fan of writing or Craigslist? You are in luck. This Monday February 14th Craigslist will be hosting a Missed Connections Party at the Inc. Lounge (224 W.49th street) in the Time Hotel at 8pm. There will be an open bar for all of the ladies from 8pm-10pm. So if you're single and are looking for that special someone this is the place to be. 

Some potential attendees (listed in the last few days on Craigslist):

  • We ended up chatting tonight from Nostrand to Clinton/Wash on the typically messed up late night G. You were wearing a cap and Park Slope bound and I was sipping on a milkshake only going 2 stops. I hope your bike is still in Williamsburg where you left it and that your trip home wasn't as annoying as it seemed at the moment. You were super cute and I would like to hang out for real if you're interested.

  • Beautiful girl sitting on a bench with your dog on the afternoon of Wednesday, Feb. 9th. My friends and I were a bit lost, we were looking for a coffee shop to sit in for a little while before our next meeting and you were kind enough to recommend one "about a block away".
Good Luck!

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