Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Fest: Do you want to live longer? Find Love!

Looking for the fountain of youth?  Find somebody to love. Studies show that married couples who are in a healthy loving relationships benefit  from  improvements in various aspects of their lives. Loving relationships can:

1. Reduce Stress--An intimate relationship causes your adrenaline glands to produce dehydroepiandrosterone a hormone that acts as a stress reducer. In addition to this being involved in an intimate relationship gives you someone to de-stress with. 

2. Promote Mental Health-- Dehydroepiandrosterone presence in your body causes the growth of nerves which can lead to an improved memory recall.

3. Have an Anti-Cancer Effect-- Married couples have a lower rate of cancer than single people. 
4. Reduces Pain --Married people are less likely to complain of headache and back pain.
5. Leads To Better Blood Circulation --The accelerated heart beat that oftentimes comes with being in the presence of someone you are attracted to leads to an increased blood supply to the body. 
6. Help You Live Longer--Studies show that married people are living longer than single people. 
7. Lowers Blood Pressure --Happily married people have a lower blood pressure than single people. 
8. Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease--The act of expressing your feelings to someone that you are in  a relationship with can help lower your blood pressure. This in turn can lower your risk of heart disease. 
9. Anti-aging -- The presence of the hormone  dehydroepiandrosterone in your body results in feelings of youth and vitality/
10.Heal Faster --Studies show that wounds heal faster in people who are involved in relationships. 

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