Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hair Challenge Update

 I’m about four weeks into the hair challenge and the most revealing thing is that I’ve learned that I can be impatient beyond reasonable expectation. I have a tendency to expect immediate results and I haven’t seen any quite frankly.

The Good:
I have been consistent with my regimen, washing and deep conditioning weekly, moisturizing every other day and for the most part using protective styling. In addition to this I have joined another hair growth challenge sponsored by comedian/actress Kim Coles, Curly Nikki, and the folks at  

As a result I will also track my progress and growth via a blog on as well as on this site. Double the pleasure, double the fun!
The Bad:
I have not kept up with adding an Ayurvedic element to my hair care. This is mostly because I need to sit down and order some items that I do not own already like Vatika oil and some dried herbs (ex. - blue malva, hibiscus, marshmallow route, etc.)  I have made a vow to myself that I will purchase these items, so that I can add them to my hair regimen. Also, I just haven’t the time as of late to dedicate to the henna treatment process.
Other than that I am ready for month two.

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