Monday, February 14, 2011

Tunes, Tunes, Tunes Part 2

Well people the time is near! Trinidad's Carnival is fast approaching and although I will only be there in spirit I am constantly listening and searching for new music! Private Ryan must have felt my energy because he recently released a new 2011 Soca  DJ mix. I listened to the whole thing while cleaning my house yesterday and wined down low, jumped up high, chipped, and jooked the whole time. 
Private Ryan Soca Brainwash 2011
Interested? Click the link below the picture and follow the directions listed on the website. 
If Soca is not your thing or you are just looking for some music to work out to DJ Private Ryan has a mix for you too! I was listening to Body Heat 3 The Fist Pump Edition just to get a feel for it and I liked it. I am going to definitely have this on heavy rotation on my I-Pod once jogging season commences (any non-winter season). 
Private Ryan Body Heat 3

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