Friday, September 30, 2011

So you're going to Trini Carnival?--Monday Wear

Hey peeps!!

As you already know my plane ticket, costume, and now Tobago accommodations are all set for Trini Carnival 2012! If I were to say I was excited that would be an understatement. It's so bad that sometimes when I can't sleep at night instead of counting sheep I think of Carnival until I drift off (over share, yes I know : D). So what's next? Fete tickets? No, it's a little to early for that.  Shopping for fete attire? That's a process that I will slowly do over the next few months. Monday wear? Yes, Monday wear!!! It's a large task. Long gone are the days when on Carnival Monday you would roll out the bed (or off the couch, the floor, back seat of the car or wherever you fell asleep after jouvert) and put on the top of your costume and some shorts and walk out the door. Now Carnival Monday is a show in and of itself; from  customized decorated wire bras to spray painted t-shirts people are making their own mas. Next year I want to turn it up a few notches myself and with my crew. I have been browsing threw a few looks from last year and so far here are a few that stood out:

My favorite source for pics of all things carnival!!

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  1. Here it is Sept & I find myself stressing over Monday wear too!!!


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