Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Trim or Not to Trim ...

For the last few days I have picked up my scissors in an attempt to trim my hair and just as quickly put them down. Don't get me wrong, I know and understand that trimming hair is important for the overall health of your hair but the question is should I do it myself or pay a professional? The honest truth is I have been trimming my hair myself for years. My method is a simple one. I put my hair in a few big twists and trim about an inch off of each end.

Simple. However lately I have been wondering if I was doing more harm than good. Especially since this scene keeps replaying in my head; a few months ago I attended a natural hair meet up/event and a natural hair stylist asked, "when your hair was relaxed would you trim it yourself?", I stated the obvious and replied, no. She then asked me what was the difference now? STUMPED! I didn't have the answer at the time other than I didn't want to pay fifty dollars for something I thought I could do myself.

Naturalistas, I need your help!! I want to go into 2012 with a healthy head of hair! Should I do it myself or go to a "natural hair salon" like this one?

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