Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winter Hats-- A Natural Hair Enemy?

Although the last few days in New York City have been fairly summer like  and unseasonably warm  I am pretty sure this upcoming winter will be something to be reckoned with. In an effort to prepare myself I have been stocking up on all of  the necessities: boots, tights, sweaters, coats and scarves. (I take my seasonal shopping very seriously : D) But what about hats? Let's face it, as a naturalista I depend on my hat to cover my hair while deep conditioning and to assist me on bad hair days. Despite its multi-purposefulness hats can cause breakage (especially wool and cotton hats) and dry out your strands. Luckily there are a few companies out there who have found a solution. Check out these two natural hair friendly items from HATSOME,  satin lined hats and hair accessories!

Hatsome 29.99

Hatsome 39.99
I also found an ETSY site that goes by the name of Threadmill that not only makes hats but is offering to line then with satin for an extra 15.00.

Threadmill $37.00
I was ecstatic to find  a few companies that catered to the hat needs of naturalistas but I was a little shocked by the sticker price. What do you all think? Are these hats worth the price or should I just wear a satin scarf under the hats I already own?


  1. Yeah...that's a bit pricey...I usually just wear my satin bonnet underneath the hat.

  2. This winter hats is so cute.i have a hats,but it be made of plush,not knit.hatsgoing


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