Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Current Lust: Sequins!

Are you seeing sequins every where? No need to rub your eyes because this isn't a dream. Sequins have in fact begun taking over every article of clothing (excuse the exaggeration I am a tad dramatic :D ). But seriously, walk into your local mall and you will see sequins all over tops, shorts, on dresses, and even on beanies. Don't get me wrong I have joined in on the trend myself and have purchased a gold and black sequined top the other day and here is a sequin top I wore recently:

I still would live to know what that symbol means -_-!

But what about pants with sequins? Ever since I saw Rihanna rocking a pair on the cover of Glamour magazine this past summer I was dying to own my own pair.

Yes, I am talking about Rihanna AGAIN! I can't help it! : )

Today as I was browising through forever21.com these sequin pants caught my eye:

$19.80 Forever21.com
Not bad for 19.80? I envision them paired  with a tank top and blazer. What do you all think?
These  two pairs of sequin shorts are currently in my shopping cart as well (in preparation for Trinidad Carnival):

$17.80 Forever21.com

$22.80 Forever21.com

Are sequins a part of your wardrobe?

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