Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Mini Sephora Haul

A few days ago I found myself slack-jawed as I was in  my car conducting my morning "just parked the car across the street from my job" ritual. Why the open mouth stare? My trial size version of Bare Minerals was officially DONE! No matter how many times I tapped, shook, and slapped the tiny jar nothing came out. I was forced to go to work with some concealer under my eyes and a bit of mascara. Not a happy camper. Now I must clarify this by stating that I am no make up maven. I started to wear Bare Minerals because it gave my otherwise exhausted morning face a glow. More importantly it was simple to apply and I could complete the task in less than two minutes without looking like I took less than two minutes. needless to say as soon as I left work I sought out my local Sephora to rectify this situation. With the help of Sade (one of the most patient make-up reps I have ever met)  I came away with some goodies and tips!

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Bare Minerals Matte in Warm Deep and Make Up Forever Face and Body

Sade not only helped me pick out my correct Bare Minerals shade ( I am officially  warm deep as opposed to golden deep girl) she also helped me find a new liquid foundation and try out a few primers. I  purchased Make Up Forever's Face and Body foundation because it was water proof and seemed to give me more of a glow than the HD foundation. Unfortunately I have tried it  twice since I purchased it and so far I think the sheer coverage is not my cup of tea. It feels as if you are not wearing any foundation, which is fine, however it doesn't look like I am wearing any either. Has anyone had any experience with this foundation? How does it compare with the HD foundation in your opinion?

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A few extra treats: Perfume and Make -Up Primer samples
All in all I had a great time at Sephora and left knowledgeable about my purchases. I think I am going to go there this weekend to try out a few lip colors. I'll let you all know if I get anything!

~ Nelly

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