Friday, December 2, 2011

This Is Bar-Ba-Dos!

Earlier today my sister sent me a link to what had to be the most entertaining video I have seen in quite a while, World's Strictest Parents -Barbados. The premise of the show, which airs on BBC, is wayward British children are sent across the globe to "stricter"parents in an effort to reform them. From what I have watched thus far most of these "strict" parents are of a different, typically lower class, however I will save my thoughts on the structure of the show for another time. The episode of the show  that takes place in Barbados however reminded me of my childhood in so many ways. All of my Caribbean readers if you don't find this the least bit entertaining please let me know. : D

You don't have 15 minutes to dedicate to part one of the episode? Watch the highlight video: And remember:  This Is Bar-Ba-Dos!!

I love being West Indian! : )

On a more serious note: What  do you think of the way that the "strict" family is portrayed? What about the dynamics of the battles between the British children and their "new parents"?

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