Thursday, December 8, 2011

Curly Girl Collective-Curl Crush : My Thoughts

When I started wearing my hair naturally in 2003 the natural hair community was NOTHING like it is today. Any natural hair advice I sought out came from stalking people's Fotki web pages and reading the forums on Today we Naturalista's have it so much easier. Information about being a natural is at your fingertips via YouTube and Blogs making the natural hair community so much larger yet so much smaller. I love it! The "meet-up" however is by far one of my favorite additions to the natural hair world. Nothing beats being able to talk to a fellow natural one on one, face to face, about all things HAIR! Curly Girl Collective however has taken the meet-up to a whole new level with their last event, "Curl Crush".  This event was designed like speed dating but  for Naturalista's. For 1 minute and 30 seconds  participants sat face to face and asked each other questions about hair.For example, how long have you been natural? Or, what hair products do you recommend for chronically dry hair (that was my question)? When time was up everyone switched partners and repeated, by the end of the allotted 20 minutes you would have received (or given) hair advice from about 10 fellow naturals. In the 20 minutes that I participated I received advice regarding retaining moisture, advised people on my current hair regimen, and shared tears with a new natural who was overwhelmed by the amount of natural hair love that was in the room. How powerful! Curly Girl Collective, I am a HUGE fan of the innovative work you are doing in the natural hair world and look forward to your next events! You all also inspire me! How often do you see a team of women of color  running a business together. I'll speak to myself when I say not often! Keep up the great work.

Sponsor Camarena Tequila created signature drinks for the event. How CUTE! I had the Curly Girl and it was DELISH.

These pictures were placed all throughout the venue. I loved the constant reminder of why we were all there: to celebrate natural hair!

The product swap table! I couldn't find anything I wanted to pick up. : (
Speed Dating!
More Speed Dating!
One of the product vendors at the event.
A sea of Naturals. : D

These are the few pictures I took. If you are looking for more pictures check out's Street Style, they took a few pictures that night. They even captured a picture of me. : D

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